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Paperless Medical Records

Do you want to eliminate the endless wasted hours your office staff spend looking for, and through patient files for needed information and documentation? Are you hesitant to implement an Electronic Medical Records system? Electronic Content Management can save you up to 80% over EMR programs! Currently have an EMR system in place and would still like to be paperless and save money?

IBSA'S Paperless Medical Records provides the following:

  HIPAA Compliant   Easy-to-use full text search functionality, including "fuzzy" search logic
(Helps to find documents even when a word or words have been typed incorrectly)
  Realized reduction in Labor costs for retrieval and refilling of medical records  
  IImmediate access to images.  
  Bar-coding, for easy routing and filing of documents   Storage and Scan on demand in temperature controlled environment
  Simple indexing so you can add or save a document quickly and efficiently   Inventory Control

For Additional Information about IBSA's Paperless Medical Record solution, please see the following:

  Download Whitepaper Here   Paperless Medical Records

To learn more information or to be a part of an educational webinar, please contact: IBSA (866) 704-6262