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Acitve v. Passive RFID

Acitve RFID: Wi-Fi enabled Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. Active RFID technology utilizes battery powered tags that transmit and report real-time data over the 802.11 infrastructure to help locate, track and manage important assets in an enterprise. More..

Real-Time Location System (RTLS): A combination of wireless hardware and real-time software used to provide the real-time location of important assets that are equipped with corresponding devices. More...

Passive RFID: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology that runs independently of wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) infrastructures. This technology utilizes small, inexpensive tags and passive RFID readers to track assets as they pass by designated readers within a facility. This technology is great for tracking a large quantity of assets that are always on the move. More..

RFID (both Active and Passive) can be employed throughout your enterprise. A small sampling of possible implentations:

  Asset Tracking   Temperature/ Humidity Monitoring
  Patient Tracking (Healthcare)   Inventory Control
  Infection Control Solutions   Staff Safety Badge Tag Solutions

IBSA's RFID solution is capable of solving a number of issues throughout your enterprise, whether is be a healthcare application or warehousing.

  RFID Tags and Labels   Portable RFID Readers
  RFID Doorways & Read Zones
(Choke Points)
  RFID Storage & Access Control Cabinets

For Additional Information about IBSA's RFID solutions, please see the following:

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To learn more information or to be a part of an educational webinar, please contact: IBSA (866) 704-6262