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Interested in Joining?

Interested in the opportunity to grow your sales by participating in national account sales? Then IBSA is the solution for you. IBSA is a marketing alliance designed to bring independent distributors and trade manufacturers together to provide the corporate strength necessary to obtain contracts nationally. IBSA is the only alliance to successfully loosen the hold the “major directs” have on national account business.

How IBSA Works

Step One: We start with a pool of high quality suppliers.

IBSA has strategic partnerships with a select pool of large, experienced suppliers. This enables us to concentrate Affiliate buying power to secure better pricing and Affiliate benefits. And allows even our smallest Affiliates to compete with larger distributors and directs. We take the selection of suppliers very seriously since our success hinges on maintaining a win-win balance between all parties.

Step Two: Add independent, growth-minded distributorships

IBSA membership is exclusive. The reason is simple: we want forward-thinking and innovative companies who want to grow and compete for large national accounts.

    Our Affiliates:
  • Are independently owned distributorships
  • Are screened for professionalism, a successful track record, and plans for growth
    Why IBSA works:
  • Affiliates maintain full control and ownership of their distributorships.
  • Affiliates purchase as much as possible from the pool of IBSA supplier partners and that volume drives pricing discounts.
  • Affiliates do not compete against each other.
Benefits of Membership
Frequently Asked Questions